Office Refresh


APRIL – 26 – 2018

Our client came to us with a unique situation and challenge. They had a beautiful downtown office with a large open meeting space and a wall of south facing windows. While the view was great and the first impression of their office was open and inviting, privacy was an issue and the heat and glare through the windows were problematic.

The goals were clear. The office needed protection from the sun, as well as quick and easy privacy for client meetings. Addressing these issues were key, but maintaining the established elegance of the space was crucial.  Enter impressive 16×18’ white curtains. These acoustically treated curtains perfectly section off the space and diffuse the light. And a project like this just wouldn’t be complete without a motorized track.

We ran into a few unexpected challenges along the way, but as with any of our projects, a team that is focused on customization can adjust course to come up with solutions. And that’s what we did. We worked with our client and stayed on the job until it was 100% what our client wanted. A stunning solution for a unique project.