Ready to Roll with ScreenDual!


October – 9 – 2017

Why do windows add so much interest to a room? Is it the view, the light? Or is it because they change the function of a room? A skylight takes a hallway from functional to pleasurable. A wall of windows transforms an ordinary living room into a stunning observatory. But, with all that sunlight and sparkle come challenges. Mainly, heat.

That’s what our client from a recent project presented us with.

Blocking out the heat shouldn’t mean blocking out the light. So we used ScreenDual, a revolutionary two sided screen that reflects the sun on the outer layer with 97% UV blockage while still being transparent.

To keep the windows hassle free we made them fully automated. With the touch of a button they fully raise, lower or stop at any preset setting. And when not in use, the shades hide away in a minimal cassette.